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Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association
Volunteer Registration

CATRA is an all-volunteer organization.

Volunteers 13 years of age and older may volunteer at CATRA; Volunteers under the age of 18 must have parent or guardian permission. Volunteers under the age of 13 are required to be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian.

All interested volunteers, 13 and older, are asked to complete this registration form and must have a release of liability on file with the organization.

 Basic Info   
First Name*:
Last Name*:
Address 2:
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 Additional Demographics   
County of Residence:
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Monday Morning - 8 AM - NOON:
Monday Afternoon - 2 PM - 4 PM:
Monday Evening - 4 PM - 8 PM:
Tuesday Morning - 8 AM - NOON:
Tuesday Afternoon - 2 PM - 4 PM:
Tuesday Evening - 4 PM - 8 PM:
Wednesday Morning - 8 AM - NOON:
Wednesday Afternoon - 2 PM - 4 PM:
Wednesday Evening - 4 PM - 8 PM:
Thursday Morning - 8 AM - NOON:
Thursday Afternoon - 2 PM - 5 PM:
Friday Morning - 8 AM - NOON:
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Saturday Morning - 8 AM - NOON:
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Sunday Morning - 8 AM - NOON:
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 Certifications and Interests   
I am certified in CPR:
Current certification only
I am certified in First Aid:
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Interests and Hobbies:
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 Community Service   
Community Service Hours Required:
Volunteers who require community service hours for church, school, court, or another organization
Hours Required:
Due Date:
date format: mm/dd/yyyy
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Employer Information
(Optional) Employers are frequently willing to support employees in their community service work. This may take the form of matching donations, financial contributions, sponsorship of events, and more. By supplying information about your employer, CATRA is able to create a full community partnership.
Employer Name:
Employer Address:
Employer City:
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Employer Contact Person:
Employer Phone:
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Experience with horses
I have previously owned a horse:
If yes, please give a brief description: when, how long, breed, etc.
My horse skills..:
select all of your abilities.
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Competitive Involvement:
Identify all of the areas in which you have been involved.
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Special Needs Experience
Previous Experience:
Please describe any previous experience you may have had with therapeutic riding or working with individuals with special needs.
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 Family Members   
Additional Family (under 13yo.):
Please list family members UNDER 13 who will also be volunteering. Family members 13 and older should complete their own volunteer application. Volunteers under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
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 Medical & Emergency Information   
I can walk next to a horse for up to 30 minutes:
I understand that no liability can be accepted by any organizations or individuals concerned with this instruction, including the New Day Equestrian Center, in the event of any accident occurring.
Please list all known allergies.
Medical Conditions:
Please list all known medical conditions.
Emergency Information
Emergency Contact Information
Name of Emergency Contact:
Relationship to Emergency Contact:
Home Phone:
Mobile Phone:
Work Phone:
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 Special Needs   
A case manager or aid will be accompanying me:
Name of case manager or aid:
Case managers, aids, and other support professionals who will accompany volunteers should also complete a volunteer application of their own.
Please list the support person's organization.
Organization Phone Number:
Please list the organization's phone number.
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 What would you like to do   
Chores - General:
Chores - Heavy Lifting:
Data Entry:
Event Management:
Gardening / Grounds Care:
Horse - Feeding:
Horse - Grooming & Tacking:
Horse - Leading:
Horse - Sidewalking:
Office Skills:
Small Animal Care:
Speaker's Bureau:
Stall & Barn Cleaning:
Volunteer Facilitation and Management:
Volunteer Recruitment:
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  I agree to the terms stated below.
I acknowledge the risks of such a program. However, I feel that the benefits to myself/my son/my daughter/ my ward are greater than the risk assumed. I hereby intend to be legally bound, for myself, my heirs and assigns, executors or administrators, waive and release forever all claims for damages against Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association, its Board of Directors, Instructors, Therapists, Aides,Volunteers, and/or employees for any and all injuries and/or losses I/my son/my daughter/my ward may sustain while participating as a volunteer in the Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association.

Additionally, I understand that CATRA may from time-to-time take photographs, videos, or other records of volunteer and/or client activity which may include my likeness and may be used on its website and social media.

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