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Volunteer Group

“Throughout the year CATRA is supported by a number of companies, clubs, businesses, churches, and other organizations.”
  • Civic Group
  • Churches, Synagogues, Mosques
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Clubs
  • Businesses
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Neighborhood Groups
  • Scouts

Group Size

Groups from 3 to 30 or more are welcome to volunteer at CATRA. For larger groups please give us plenty of time to plan ahead for the schedule.


CATRA can schedule volunteer groups nearly any day of the year. The length of time groups will volunteer typically ranges from a couple hours to 5 or 6. We recommend just a few hours for our younger volunteer groups. Groups may volunteer as frequently as they would like. Individuals who enjoy their volunteer experience are welcome to come on their own to lend a hand.

What To Wear

All work will take place outside or in one of our barns. Dress appropriately. You will get dirty. You will also come into contact with hay, dust, and dander. We have a wide variety of animals. If you have allergies, be certain to bring allergy medication.
  • NO Opened toed shoes
  • Long Pants (recommended year round)
  • Gloves (these are optional and you can borrow ours)

  • Cold Weather – layered clothing, warm socks
  • Sunny – Sunscreen
  • Hat and/or Sunglasses
  • Allergy Medication

Additional Information

If your group or organization would like to volunteer at CATRA, please take a moment to complete the information below. We also request each participating member (or member’s parent/guardian) complete a release form prior to volunteering. The completed release forms may be submitted on the day of service.